Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

A screenshot of a Google search for NJHwebdesign

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Is your website mobile friendly?

From April 21st 2015 Google has announced that it will penalise sites that are not mobile friendly and it is probably only a matter of time before the other search engines follow suit.

What does this mean for you?

If your website does not display properly on a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet you may appear lower down the search results than other similar websites. Can you afford to lose those customers?

Convert to a mobile friendly site

The internet can be accessed from many devices including smart phones, tablets, electronic reading devices, gaming devices, computers and televisions. All of these devices have different screen sizes and although your website may look fine on your computer it may just be cut “in half” on smaller devices.

We can convert your existing website to be fully responsive – this means that it will stretch and shrink according to the device being used.

The amount of work required for this varies from website to website but please contact us for more information – we will be happy to take a look at your website and give you a reasonably priced quote.